Ashburn Youth Football League is a youth sports league created for the children of Ashburn, Virginia and the surrounding areas.The AYFL exists to promote youth football in the Ashburn area, and is intended to be an instructional league that places an emph

2019 AYFL Legend Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2019 AYFL Legend Award Winners! We are honored that you have spent so many years as a member of our League! We appreciate your commitment and look forward to seeing you prosper in High School!

by Dariane Carpen posted 11/08/2019
2019 AYFL Next Generation - D Division

Our AYFL Legend winners give our D division their Next Generation medals.  The torch has been handed down and we hope to see them in this same ceremony as the Legend winners when they are graduating A8 players.

by posted 11/07/2019
2017 LYFA Champions


3rd Annual Championships

Congratulations to the winners of the Loudoun Youth Football Association

2018 LYFA Champions

D Division
Winner: AYFL Dragons 26
Runner-Up: AYFL Hawkeyes 6

C Division
Winner: CLYFL Yellow Jackets 33
Runner-Up: ULYFL Bengal 7

B Division
Winner: CLYFL Mountaineers 22
Runner-Up: ULYFL Knights 13

A7 Division
Winner: AYFL Panthers 22
Runner-Up: ULYFL Patriots 6


A8 Division
Winner: AYFL Seahawks 28
Runner-Up: ULYFL Bucs 14

All participating leagues would like to thank all our families, sponsors and volunteers on a phenomenal season of exciting football!


by posted 11/25/2018

AYFL 2019 Fall Season in

is complete!

We had so much fun!

2019 Fall Tackle & Cheer


Registration Closed



Please Remember...
1. These are KIDS!
2. This is a game!
3. All coaches VOLUNTEERS!
4. The officials are HUMAN!
5. NO college scholarships or professional contracts will be handed out today.

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