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Fitwize 4 Kids Offers Year-Round Tumbling Classes

<span style="font-size:11.0pt;font-family:" color:black"="" minor-latin;mso-hansi-theme-font:minor-latin;mso-bidi-font-family:tahoma;="">Fitwize 4 Kids in Ashburn provides professionally instructed year-round tumbling classes in their state-of-the-art air-conditioned and heated gym. ​ Classes are offered for all levels of cheerleaders and tumblers, from beginner to advanced. Class placement is determined by skill level, not age. If you are new to the Fitwize gym, please be sure to schedule an so they can ensure your child is placed in the appropriate class. Classes include:

5-6 Year Old Tumbling

This beginning tumbling class is geared toward our 5-6 year olds and will work on the basics of handstands, cartwheels, forward and backward rolls, body positions, flexibility and strength.

Intro to Tumbling

We will focus on tumbling basics: handstands, cartwheels, forward and backward rolls, body positions, flexibility and strength, and will learn drills, terminology and proper stretching technique.

Tumble Basics (Tumble I)

Formerly Tumble 1. We will perfect skills learned in the intro class. Athletes will learn a proper hollow body position, learn to punch off the floor with their toes and locked ankles, with a strong focus on round-offs. While perfecting round-offs & handstand pops, athletes begin drills for back handsprings and round-off back handsprings.

Back Handspring

Athletes must have a strong round-off and basic skills, such as handstands, cartwheels & handstand pops. We will focus on back handsprings; including standing, running & series with emphasizes on good technique & confidence in skills.

Handsprings & Connections (Tumble II)

Formerly Tumble 2. Must have tested out of Back Handspring class or have required skills: solid standing back handspring & round-off back handspring on rod floor. We will focus on drills for round-off multiple back handsprings, standing series tumbling & back handspring rebound technique. Coach recommendation required.

Series Back Handsprings & Tucks (Tumble II.5)

Formerly Tumble 2.5. This is for the athlete who has mastered their standing back handspring & their running round-off back handspring. Athletes will be working on mastering their multiples, series tumbling & round-off back handspring back tuck. Coach recommendation required.

Standing & Running Tucks (Tumble III)

Formerly Tumble 3. Athletes must have tested out of Series Back Handsprings & Tucks or have the required skills. Skills are: a mastered round-off back handspring back tuck with no spot & working on progression corner tumbling & series standing tumbling. This is an advanced class for experienced tumblers. Coach recommendation required.

Layouts & Specialty Skills (Tumble IV)

Formerly Tumble 4. This elite class is for athletes who mastered Standing & Running Tucks and is for the very experienced tumbler. Coach recommendation required.

Elite Tumbling (Tumble V)

Formerly Tumble 5. Elite class is for athletes who have mastered layouts & full skills, including standing fulls & whip full connections. Focus is on advanced series bounding, twisting/ step-out connections, front twisting, standing fulls, double fulls & specialty skills. Coach recommendation required.

Cheer High (not offered in the summer or fall)

Cheer High is an elite cheerleading class for competitive High School Cheerleaders. The class will focus on stunting, tumbling, jumps, motions and conditioning.

Preschool Tumbling

Fitwize brings all of the ingredients together to incorporate gross and fine motor skills, movement and balance, small and large muscle groups, in our gymnastic-focused preschool tumbling classes for potty-trained preschoolers ages 3-5. Register 24-hours in advance with our online registration.

Homeschool Tumbling

Homeschool tumbling is taught by a previous homeschooler and is designed for kids of all skill levels ages 6-12. Classes will cover tumbling vocabulary and terminology, proper warm-up and stretching techniques, somersaults, handstands, cartwheels, aerials, round-offs, handsprings and more, depending on the athlete's skill level. Register 24-hours in advance with our online registration.