Ashburn Youth Football League is a youth sports league created for the children of Ashburn, Virginia and the surrounding areas.The AYFL exists to promote youth football in the Ashburn area, and is intended to be an instructional league that places an emph


Listed below are the rules and regulations for AYFL Ultimate Flag Football

Offensive Players

  • Eight (8) players – one (1) QB, three (3) linemen (i.e., Center, Right Guard, Left Guard) and five (4) eligible receivers
  • All eligible receivers must be in two-point stance.
  • Offense must have five (5) players on the line of scrimmage.
  • Offensive players may block in the “free-blocking zone” only which is 5 yards from the line of scrimmage as marked by the referee.

Defensive Players

  • Eight (8) players – minimum of two (2) lineman with maximum of three (3) lineman where remaining players are all pass defenders (i.e., linebackers or defensive backs).
  • Defensive lineman cannot line up wider the outside shade of last offensive lineman or receiver if he is lined up within 2 yards of the interior line (i.e., Center, Right Guard, Left Guard)
  • Defensive line cannot line up head over the Offensive Center.
  • All pass defenders must line up no closer than three (3) yards from the line of scrimmage.


  • Offense may have one (1) coach in the huddle, then standing ten (10) yards behind the line of scrimmage during the play. 
  • Defense may have one (1) coach on the field, then standing ten (10) yards behind the line of scrimmage during the play. 

Game Play

  • Teams may substitute freely just as in a regular football game.
  • A referee coin toss will decide the first possession.
  • All possessions begin on the 40-yard line, right or left hash depending on the preference of the offense.
  • Each half will last twelve (12) minutes with clock stoppages only on dead ball situations within the last two (2) minute of each half (e.g., incomplete pass and out of bounds); note that adjustments may be made by AYFL staff to speed up games if the duration is impacting the schedule of operations.
  • Halftime will last ten (10) minutes; note that adjustments may be made by AYFL staff to speed up games if the duration is impacting the schedule of operations.
  • Each team has two (2) timeouts per half with each timeout lasting one (1) minute.
  • A flag pull results in the ball being spotted down at spot.
  • The offense has four (4) downs to get a first down.
  • A first down is made at the 20-yard line then four (4) downs to score.
  • The referee will monitor 30-second offensive huddle to snap; referees will exercise discretion for younger divisions versus calling delay of game.
  • Interceptions:
    • May be returned to the 40-yard line for a touchdown;
    • If a flag pull occurs prior to reaching the 40-yard line, then the play is dead at spot and results in a change of possession.
  • Fumbles are not returnable and are dead at spot; note that a dropped shotgun snap is considered a fumble.
  • Safeties may result if the offense has flag pulled on or behind the 45-yard line or a fumble occurs at or behind the 45-yard line; results in a two (2) point score for the defense and a change of possession.
  • A touchdown equals six (6) points
  • Pass play for extra point:
    • One (1) point from the three (3) yard line, or
    • Two (2) points from the ten (10) yard line.


  • Offense: Delay of Game = five (5) yard penalty
  • Offensive: Illegal Procedure = five (5) yard penalty (e.g., blocking beyond the “free-blocking zone”)
  • Offense/Defense: Illegal Formation = five (5) yard penalty (e.g., not enough men on line of scrimmage; defensive backs within 3 yards of line of scrimmage)
  • Offense/Defense: Off-sides = five (5) yard penalty
  • Offensive Flag Guarding: = five (5) yard penalty (e.g., using hand to interfere with flag pull or leaving feet to avoid flag pulling)
  • Offense/Defense: Holding = ten (10) yard penalty
  • Offensive Pass Interference: play ruled incomplete
  • Defensive Pass Interference: ten (10) yard penalty from line of scrimmage and automatic first down

Unnecessary Roughness (15-yard penalty)

  • This will not be tolerated.  Possible ejection from game is at the referee’s discretion.
  • Tackling is NOT allowed. Defensive players may be in a position to pull both flags (i.e., which is NOT a tackle).
  • Defenders must play ball on all throws – AVOID COLLISIONS
  • Defenders may jam receivers with hands but not with facemask – this results in an unnecessary roughness penalty. Note that defenders cannot line up on line of scrimmage.


  • A referee coin toss will decide the first possession; the team that scored first makes the call.
  • The coin flip winner chooses Offense or Defense.
  • Each team has one (1) series (i.e., 4 downs) from the 10-yard line. If the score is tied after two (2) overtimes the then game is considered a tie except in playoffs where overtime continues until a winner is determined.