Ashburn Youth Football League is a youth sports league created for the children of Ashburn, Virginia and the surrounding areas.The AYFL exists to promote youth football in the Ashburn area, and is intended to be an instructional league that places an emph


What Parents Need to Know Before Registering for AYFL

1) AYFL is a grade-based league. AYFL divisions are determined by participant's grade during the season.
  • A8 Division is for  8th graders. Any one over the age of 14 on September 30th MAY NOT participate. 

  • A7 Division is for 7th graders.  Any one over the age of 14 on September 30th MAY NOT participate. 

  • B Division is for 5th and 6th graders. 4th graders that turn 10 before September 30th are eligible to advance to B.

  • C Division is for 3rd and 4th graders. 2nd graders that turn 8 before September 30th are eligible to advance to C. 2nd graders that are 7 on September 30th are eligible to advance to C; however, grade/age exception waiver signed by the parent and approved by the AYFL Board is required.

  • D Tackle Division is for 6 and 7 year olds

2) AYFL is a volunteer league. We are run and operated all by volunteers from your community. It is expected that every family chip in to assist the league and/or team; however, we recognize that some families may have a full plate. Families will be given the opportunity to "opt-out" of volunteering (i.e., working the AYFL concession stand) during registration by making a donation to AYFL in the amount of $50.  All AYFL participants are expected to support the league Raffle Fundraiser.  Children of sponsors, coaches, board members and any families who opt'ed out of volunteering with a donation at registration are still expected to participate fully to ensure the raffle is a successful event to support the entire league.

3) All players will be drafted to teams within their league, division and grade in 2019. There will be retention in B,C and D, unless you opt out of retention.

4) Player Evaluations will be conducted for A thru D Division football players. AYFL hosts evaluation sessions (see AYFL Calendar for dates and times) for tackle football. All players playing tackle football must attend a tryout in order to be eligible to play, this includes players that have signed-up but have been placed on a waiting list. For players returning to the same team as last year, special team eval/gatherings will be scheduled separate from the league wide evals (these players are encouraged to attend the team specific gathering instead of the league wide eval).

5) Player Participation is established for tackle football A thru C divisions only. The AYFL board has established a minimum play count per game that is the same for all participating leagues in Loudoun Youth Football Association (LYFA).  Overall playing time is earned at practice, but the objective is that every player is prepared to participate every half of every game.

6) Since AYFL is an grade-based league, there is no limit on a player's weight. However, the League does establish a weight per division, often referred to as the running back weight, where players at or below this weight can play any position on the field (e.g., running back, quarterback, offensive/defensive line, linebacker, safety). Players exceeding this weight can only play on the offensive or defensive line. For the safety of all players, they cannot run the ball, play quarterback, or play anywhere other than the offensive or defensive line. They may participate on special teams in designated positions (kick-off team- any position) and receiving team on the front-line only.


For the 2019 season the following weights will be used at each level: 













For more information about Tackle Football Rules, Running Back Weight or other operations questions then please refer our document library.

7) Football is a time-consuming activity. Practices typically start the first week in August for tackle football and cheer 2 weeks later. The first game is September 1st. In order to appropriately prepare your child to play, and ensure his/her safety, participation in practices is essential. AYFL expects a child to make most if not all of the pre-season practices, so that coaches have sufficient time to prepare the entire team for the season. Parents that know their child will miss a significant portion of August practices (more than one week) should re-consider registering their child to play.

8) The first scheduled game for 2018 is August 25th. Sundays are reserved for make-up games or possibly playoff games if lit fields are not available to AYFL for "play-in games" at the end of the regular season. 

9) AYFL will refund the registration fee (minus a service charge that increases every month from when registration opens) for requests made by July 31st 2019. After that time, if a child decides not to participate or is unable to participate, no refund will be offered.  Refund service charge will be $20 until March 31st, $25 all of April, $30 all of May, $35 all of June, and $50 until July 28th 2019). 
To request a refund please contact

10) AYFL includes the following items in the registration fee:


  • The Loudoun County field individual usage fee of $15;

  • The Raffle Fundraiser fee of $50 which - may be recouped by families when they sell their raffle tickets (note that this fee is not included by other leagues as they have other fundraising programs);

  • Custom AYFL game jerseys with sublimated logo per team that is kept by each player at the end of the season (i.e., not offered/included by other leagues); and

  • Football pants with integrated 7-piece pad sets that are kept by each player at end of the season (i.e., not offered/included by other leagues).

11) Please be careful NOT to duplicate a registration. If you complete registration and want to make a change - contact us at


12) D League Tackle (only) – The fee is $200.00 for the season.  $65.00 covers the cost of usage fee and raffle fundraiser; D league participants receive tickets they can sell to recoup $50.00.  Otherwise, the season cost $200.00.


13) Trophies are only given to Championship Players and Coaches that participate in Championship events.  AYFL does not “provide” participation trophies for D League and Cheer.  If team parents and Coaches would like to provide participation awards, they may do so at their / their team expense.


14) If equpment for A, B, and C league football players is not returned to the league within 10 days of season's end then AYFL will automatically charge an equipment fee of $150 to the registrant.