Ashburn Youth Football League is a youth sports league created for the children of Ashburn, Virginia and the surrounding areas.The AYFL exists to promote youth football in the Ashburn area, and is intended to be an instructional league that places an emph

Team Parent Information
Dear Team Parent,

Welcome to the 2022 AYFL Season!  Thank you so much for stepping up to assume the team parent responsibilities!  The AYFL Board members, your team, and your Coaches thank you in advance!

First, review the list of items that generally need to be coordinated by either the Coach or Team Parent.  Ask your Coach what things that he would like your assistance with.  Some coaches prefer to handle stickers, socks, forms; while others, appreciate as much help as you’re willing to provide.  They do really appreciate whatever you’re willing to assist with!!!!

Second, you do not have to assume responsibility to do everything.  It is highly encouraged that you DELEGATE some tasks to other parents of players on the team.  Not only does this lighten your responsibilities, but it does help to build a team family spirit.

Third, in advance, work with your Coach to establish what additional funds may need to be collected from parents for additional stickers (Helmet Decals provided by the league, but decals for cars, and game performance stickers are not), socks (if the team is buying), parties, lanyards.   It is much easier to collect money at the beginning of the season, as opposed to collecting something every few weeks.


Roles and Responsibilities

For those of you who are new to AYFL or team parenting, we hope these guidelines help make your responsibilities easier.  The following is the list of roles and responsibilities that team parents’ may coordinate. 

Document Collection
Team Communication
Game Day Responsibilities
Snack Schedule
Team T-Shirts
Picture Day
End of Season Party
October is Breast Cancer Awareness

Additional Links:
League Sponsors
Documents & Forms

Document Collection:
Most teams need the following items discussed, returned, and established ASAP!   You may want to ask your Coach if
he needs/wants your assistance with the following:

  1. Collection of all players Physical Forms
  2. Consent from parents of Emergency Care

These forms are ultimately the Coaches responsibility, but you can save him some effort by collecting these during practice.  This is also a great way to meet and introduce yourself to the other parents.  You may want to bring extra pens and pencils to practice for the first couple of days.

Team Communication:
Generally, your coaches will notify the team about practices, rain outs, etc.  However, there may be times when he may need your help getting the message out.  In general, your communications with the team will be about the other things, volunteers, snack schedules, events, t-shirts, raffles, coordination efforts.  Your coach will have all player contact information.  Please use BCC (Blind copy) when you send emails to the players so that information is not distributed.    Please do not distribute addresses, phone numbers, birthdays, etc.


These are optional and can easily be delegated.  You will need to check with the Coach to see if funds are available.  If not, you may get lucky and a volunteer will donate their time and supplies.  Otherwise, you may need to ask for donations.

Game Day Responsibilities:
Each team must provide assistance during game days.  The coach will need parent volunteers to assist with chains, field prep, and field cleanup.  Some of these items may be last minute, but check with your coach to see if you can assist with a schedule or soliciting volunteers.   At the end of the game, please designate someone to assure your sideline and field are clean and free of trash.    It is vital that the fields are left clean because we could lose our ability to use them if they are not left in good condition.  

Snack Schedule:
Ask if the coach wants snacks. Some do not.
This is an easy one to delegate, but it does depend on the game schedule.  Make sure to check for player allergies and Coaches’ snack and beverage preference.  *Please remind parents to avoid sugary snacks and drinks.  Don’t forget there are 2 scrimmages on Jamboree Day, so please check with your coaches to see if they want both drinks and snacks between games.  TIP:  Teams are responsible for their own trash pickup.  It’s easy to request that parents who bring snacks bring an extra trash bag and are responsible for sideline trash detail that day.

You will want to let your parents know where and when to meet, follow up with parents bringing snack, make yourself available to assist with getting players to the right location.  This year team pictures will be made during the Jamboree.  Your assistance will be needed to help players get in line, make sure each player has completed forms, and where they go next.   Remember, some of your players may be new to football, AYFL and or the area.

This year it is the Jamboree.  There will not be a special mid-season day as has been done in the past.  However, we do encourage all teams to make special efforts to meet outside of practice and games to support our sponsors and enjoy some social time as teams.

Team T-Shirts:
Team T-shirts have to be ordered ASAP in order to have t-shirts back before the season starts.  This is another task that can easily be delegated to another parent.  For more information, see the Team T-shirt Tab or Click Here.

Picture Day:
This year, picture day has been moved to the day of the Jamboree. Your biggest responsibility will be to inform the parents of the time and location for your team and help with the distribution of picture day form. Your Coach will also appreciate your help keeping the players together!

End of Season Party:
The team parent works closely with the Coaches to determine where and when the End of Season Party will be.  Sometimes, it is affected by Playoffs.  The team parent should have other parents assist with the planning.  The party is not sponsored; i.e., paid for by AYFL, so additional money may need to be collected for the party.  Also, it is customary to provide the coaches with a Coaches Gift.  Again, this is voluntary, so do not expect 100% team cooperation when asking for donations.  Keep it simple!  Players are not provided with trophies, ribbons, etc., so memorable items to each player will be at additional expense.  (NOTE:  Trophies & Medals are provided by the league to the playoff finalists and D League players only.)

October is Breast Cancer Awareness:

Some teams like to go PINK!  Check with your Coach as to what he wants to allow:  pink ribbon stickers, pink socks, etc.  Some teams leave it up to the individual, others make it a team effort.  You can help your coach by informing the parents of his choices and locations of where to buy the pink items.  Again, please use our sponsors when able.  If you have a cheer team, check with your cheer coach to see what they may doing and how your team can support them.