Ashburn Youth Football League is a youth sports league created for the children of Ashburn, Virginia and the surrounding areas.The AYFL exists to promote youth football in the Ashburn area, and is intended to be an instructional league that places an emph

AYFL T-Shirt Process

Team Parent or T-Shirt Designee,

To kick off the 2014 season, AYFL will sell Team T-Shirts. This is one of the largest fundraising events we have and your chance to show your team pride. It has been a successful fundraiser for the league and we appreciate your support.   For that reason, we ask that you follow the guidelines established and that you use our process and vendor.  That way, we can make sure all proceeds are returned to AYFL, and assure that all Shirts are the similar quality and price among teams. 
By now, your coach has designed your team T-Shirt.  This should make your job a lot easier because no changes are allowed.

Team Tshirt Order Forms

Due no later than August 23rd to receive shirts by 1st Game on Sept. 6th (I suggest giving no more than 2 weeks, but some of you need time because of adding players names, D League later start & Cheer).

Cotton Ts start at $12, Drifit Start at $20, Hoodies at $25  - Sizeup with Drifit & Hoodies!

CASH ONLY, except from Coaches

The following is for the benefit of your team parent or Tshirt designee, please forward this to him/her once identified and have him/her contact me at with their contact information.  The forms will also be available under the Team Parent Information on the AYFL website in PDF format.


Team Parent or Tshirt Parent,

Thanks in advance for your assistance with the Team Spirit Wear orders!

Attached is an EXCEL workbook containing the order forms for Team Tshirts & Hoodies.  It contains 4 sheets, one for ordering the Cotton Tshirts, one for ordering the Moisture Wicking Ts, one for Hoodies, and one to place Orders for the Coaches Team shirts.  If you are ordering a Coaches shirts, please make sure their order is on the correct form as they do get a price discount.  If you want to modify the form to add formulas and/or use for google docs, you may. DO NOT ADD OR REMOVE COLUMNS; e.g., adding or removing a size. It will mess up your order.  I need an electronic copy of each order form.  Yes, it is OK to scan it.  Please double check your order, addition, and amount due vs what you have collected. 

As in the past, we can accept Checks from COACHES ONLY!  All others must pay in Cash and payment is due before receipt of the shirts.  I highly suggest that all money is collected before the order is turned in.  We have had several occurrences of players placing orders and dropping out of the league, and people “forgetting” causing additional expense for the league and headaches for you and your Team Parent. 

I will accept all completed ordered forms as soon as they are available.  It takes 2 weeks upon receipt of the order to get your shirts, but I must have the forms and your approved Tshirt Proof before I can send them in.    In order to have shirts before the first SEASON Game on September 6, your order must be submitted prior to August 23rd

Thanks in advance for your assistance!

Loretta Barker
AYFL Fundraising, asst.