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Volunteer Requirement

2023 Volunteer Requirements

Due to lack of parent volunteers across the 2021 and 2022 seasons, AYFL will be implementing a volunteer requirement for all families. 

Upon registration, families who refuse to volunteer will be required to pay a $100 non-volunteer fee. 

There are many ways in which you can complete the volunteering requirement for the 2023 season:

  1. Volunteer as a head coach for a team
  2. Volunteer as an assistant coach for a team
  3. Volunteer as a team parent/manager for a team
  4. Volunteer as a board member with the AYFL
  5. Become an AYFL Sponsor 
  6. Volunteer as a game day announcer
  7. Nurse/EMT/Physical Trainer? Volunteer as a trainer!
  8. Complete 10 DIBS credits in the 2023 Fall Season

Find more information on these volunteer roles below.


To gain credit for head or assistant coaching, you MUST register at the link HERE.

All head and assistant coaches are required to:

  1. Register at the link HERE
  2. Complete USA Football certification
  3. Apply for a criminal background check
  4. Complete Child Safety Training
  5. Sign the AYFL Anti-Abuse Policy and Coaches' Code of Conduct
  6. Pick up Coaches' Equipment prior to the first practice 
  7. Attend mandatory pre-season coaches' meeting
  8. Attend all AYFL Combines in June and July 2023
  9. Attend the AYFL Draft on July 23rd, 2023 to select your team based on your evaluations of the players at the AYFL Combines
  10. Return coaches' equipment after the Fall 2023 season is over

Coaches' duties include:

  1. Create practice schedules/plans
  2. Foster an encouraging environment to develop youth players in tackle football skills, knowledge, and abilities
  3. Maintain play count keeping so that every player participates in 8 plays per half (16 plays per game)
    1. NOTE: A8-Leauge play count requirement is 6 plays per half (12 plays per game)
  4. Communicate frequently and consistently with AYFL parents and the AYFL Board

We provide AYFL coaches with:

  1. LCPR practice fields
  2. Coaches' equipment (first aid kits, footballs, kicking tees, tackle dummies, arm shields, water bottles, water jugs, clipboards, cones, and team's game jerseys)
    1. Coaches also have access to 5, 3, and 1-man sleds at the LCPR fields.
  3. Example playbooks and practice plans

NOTE: All HEAD coaches will be reimbursed for their child's registration fees upon returning their coaches' equipment for the fall 2023 season.

If you plan on coaching or have any questions, please email us at

Team Parent

All team parents MUST register at the link HERE

Team Parents are extremely useful to coaches of all divisions. The role of team parent is to ensure that your coach is able to focus on coaching your team rather than managing your team. 

Team Parent responsibilities can be split between two parents per team. 

For the AYFL, team parent responsibilities include:

  1. Aiding coaches in collecting emergency care consent, parent code of conduct, and physical forms.
  2. Distributing/collecting raffle tickets
  3. Communicating to parents regarding game day responsibilities
  4. Managing team's DIBs tasks to ensure all roles are completed each game day.
  5.  Reminding parents of picture day forms and money
  6. Organizing end-of-season team parties.
  7. Reminding parents to purchase spirit wear

You can find more information on AYFL Team Parent responsibilities at

Board Member

AYFL Board is always looking for volunteers to take on active roles in planning, preparing, and executing the Spring and Fall seasons. 

You can find more information at or email

DIBS Tasks

For the 2023 Fall Season, we will be implementing the DIBS program by SportsEngine HQ to manage AYFL parents' volunteering. 

All parents who do not volunteer as a coach, team parent, trainer, board member, sponsor, or game day announcer, are required to complete 10 DIBS credits

Each DIBS credit is worth $10 (resulting in the $100 volunteer requirement). 

Partially completing (e.g., 3 out of 10) the required DIBS credits will result in a $10 charge per incomplete DIBS credit.

DIBS tasks for the 2023 Fall season will include:

  1. Game snack (1 credit)
  2. Game water (1 credit) 
  3. Cleaning sideline/stands after home game (1 credit) 
  4. Attend a board meeting (2 credits) 
  5. Volunteer in concession stand for a home game (2 credits) 
  6. Chain crew at home game (2 credits) 

 DIBS tasks for each game day/event will be made available on July 31st, 2023. Please note: only 2 people will be able to sign up for a task per game (for example, only 2 parents will be able to sign up/complete the game snack volunteer tasks per game--additional parents who bring game snacks will not be credited with completing the game snack task). Be sure to sign up soon!

NOTE: team parents/managers, registered coaches, sponsors, board members, trainers, and game day announcers DO NOT need to complete DIBS tasks. **Please do not sign up for DIBS tasks if you are one of these roles so that parents can complete their requirements. 

NOTE: You can complete DIBS tasks BEFORE the season starts! These will be made available to everyone via email. These include but are not limited to: volunteering at check in for the AYFL combines (3 credits), preparing equipment (3 credits) and attending board meetings (2 board meetings). 

If you have any questions about DIBS tasks, please email us at


Donate an item/service to the AYFL raffle or become a player, team, program, or league sponsor!

Find more information on sponsorships at the link HERE

Game Day Announcer

We are looking for extraverted, public speakers who are interested in announcing at home games. 

NOTE: you cannot announce for your own child's game. 

Those who announce for 3 home games will be refunded for their $100 non-volunteer fee. 

Please email for information on becoming an announcer at AYFL home games. 


We use LCPS and VSMI to schedule trainers at AYFL home games. However, if LCPS has a county-wide sports event, we may be denied trainers. 

If you are a nurse, EMT, or physical trainer, we will pay you to cover our uncovered home games! 

Please email us at for more information on becoming a trainer for AYFL home games.