Ashburn Youth Football League is a youth sports league created for the children of Ashburn, Virginia and the surrounding areas.The AYFL exists to promote youth football in the Ashburn area, and is intended to be an instructional league that places an emph


Registration for the 2021 Fall Tackle Football and Fall Cheer season is open!

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by posted 06/04/2021
2021 Statement from the Board

AYFL Football and Cheer Community,  


Our goal is to get our kids back on the field as soon as possible.  In the coming days, we will make announcements regarding a summer camp and registration for fall tackle football.  While our focus is on the future, we have received questions about the recent news involving embezzlement of AYFL funds. 

Per the Sheriffs’ Office’s press release, a former AYFL Board member has been charged with multiple counts of felony embezzlement for using approximately $7,500 in AYFL funds to cover personal expenses.  We want to make clear that this individual is no longer associated with the AYFL. Neither is anyone else who had access to AYFL accounts during the relevant period. We had them removed from the Board last fall via court order. 

In the interest of complete transparency, we will give an update on the AYFL’s finances at our next Board meeting on Tuesday, March 9.  We will also make financial account statements available for anyone who wants to review them. 

Moreover, consistent with our pledge of transparency and open communication with the community, we wanted to note the following: 

1.   Minutes to all board meetings (open and closed) will be made public to the AYFL community via the AYFL website. You will be able to access these documents via this link:  

2.     The AYFL Board meeting schedule will be posted to the AYFL website and to all social media. By making this information available, we hope to gain more community involvement in the AYFL.  

3.     We will provide annual "State-of-the-League" newsletters that will serve as a record of the league's financial standing, a summary of the allocation of board funds, and plans for future seasons. We will make this newsletter available by the end of each November before the annual board elections.  We will also keep a binder at the Shed containing copies of at least 12 months of bank statements.  The binder will be made available during open Board meetings or upon request.     

Through these initiatives, we hope to provide an open platform for which the AYFL community members feel confident in the organization's management.  If you have any questions, please contact us via email at  .  Additionally, please contact us if you are interested in attending the March 9 Board meeting, and let us know if you prefer to attend virtually or in-person. 

We look forward to the future and appreciate your support as we navigate through these challenging times.     


 2021 AYFL Board of Directors  

by posted 02/17/2021
New AYFL Alumni Page

by posted 12/18/2020

Please Remember...
1. These are KIDS!
2. This is a game!
3. All coaches are VOLUNTEERS!
4. The officials are HUMAN!
5. NO college scholarships or professional contracts will be handed out today.

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